Ajax Ray O'Vaque
Ajax is known for weaving together pieces of obscure samples from vinyl with twisted vintage analog synth sounds and melding them seamlessly into an artist's live performances. A talented producer, engineer, and programmer, he has worked in studios from THE HIT FACTORY in New York, the POWERHOUSE and PRIVACY in London, East Iris, Sound Emporium and Masterphonics in Nashville, Tree and Southern Living and Orphan, in Atlanta, all the way to STUDIO 301 in Sydney Australia. But Ajax Ray O'Vaque likes spending most of his recording time based at his 1300 square foot office/MIDI studio, "BOPNIQUE MUSIQUE" just west of Boston.
*AM Stereo
Steve and Jeff had been playing together in Crazy Alice for several years. Crazy Alice called it quits in early 1998. Although Crazy Alice would be no more, Steve and Jeff enjoyed playing together and decided they would continue to play music. They tried to think of ways they could use this opportunity to create a new band which would have all the elements necessary for success in today's dog eat dog music industry. A dash of electronica? Nipple piercings? Singing lessons? Undoubtedly all good suggestions. Unfortunately, before they could hatch their master plan, they met Brooke Fletcher one night at the Hide Away Pub in Cambridge. Brooke is in the band Lint. Steve and Jeff invited Brooke to lug his guitar and amp to their rehearsal space one day in April of 1998. To date, Brooke hasn't voluntarily left or been asked to leave. In August of 1998, *AM Stereo went into Zippah Recording Studios with Brian Charles engineering.
Balsa Gliders
The Balsa Gliders, a Washington, D.C.-based trio, have developed a loyal following among area alternative pop music fans who appreciate accessible yet deceptively complex song-writing, subtle and melodic arrangements, and wryly funny lyrics.
Calendar Girl
Calendar Girl started playing live shows in January of 1998. They immediately got off to a great start because of strong, even rabid support from friends and fans of related musical projects. Since then, Calendar Girl's fan base has steadily increased. Those who see the band bring friends to the next show. By the third show, the single King of Bad Luck was getting regular air play on college radio and on commercial radio's local music shows. At the end of the year, King of Bad Luck was one of only a couple dozen local singles to appear in WZBC's Top 90.3 of 1998. Calendar Girl has been fortunate enough to play with many of their favorite Boston rock bands including Fuzzy, Boy Wonder, Star Ghost Dog, Helicopter Helicopter, *AM Stereo and The Pills.
Delwin G.
Ready or not, enter the reality of DELWIN G. A versatile rap artist that will hit you with his rhymes, take you on a journey through his mind and have you questioning his sanity. His beginning came to when DELWIN G. became aware of his rap skills in Middle School. He started surrounding himself with other talented and ambitious people. As time proceeded he joined various groups and after a short period of local popularity group members went there separate ways. With a strong positive outlook into his future DELWIN G. kept moving on. Perched to make his stand in the spotlight everlasting he enlisted the aid of JOSH METCALF and signed with INTELLIGENT RECORDS. Together they bring a force to be reckoned with on DELWIN G.'S first single LOOTUSUS and NO MATTAH. It will let you experience serious mental vibes and make you understand the journey from one extreme to the next.
Den Mothers
Probably the best way to describe what Den Mothers are all about would be to describe what they are not all about. They are not indie shoe gazer minimalists. They are not neo, retro, or pseudo anything. They are not Ska, Rockabilly, Electronica, or Alternative Country. No trends are followed and no ground is broken, but somehow the formula (or anti-formula) works. What Den Mothers do have in their corner is a collection of great songs, each one a three-and-a-half minute snapshot into their lives. Lyrically, Den Mothers draw their influences from a wealth of frustration, both personal and professional. "It's a fine line between depressed and depressing, but I seem to walk it just fine," Dennis sings on My Demons Exercise. Musically, the band fuses equal parts Replacements-style, high energy, sloppy roots rock with the pop sensibilities of Matthew Sweet or Tom Petty to achieve a style that Corin Ashley of Noise Magazine calls, "pretty friggin' good." Den Mothers have been slugging it out at all the clubs in and around Boston, and have shared stages with Locals such as Orbit, Boy Wonder, Gigolo Aunts, and the Pills, as well as national acts Candyskins, Pee Shy, and a Ramone (not the popular one). Their live shows and self-titled 6-song EP have been well received.
Denise Hradecky
Denise Hradecky grew up in the Chicago area and started playing organ and piano in grade school. She left home to move to Boston in 1996, taught herself guitar, and began developing her own musical style as an independent artist, while also learning how to record her own music. In 2000, Denise moved to Raleigh, NC, recording and performing along the east cost. In 2004, she moved back to Chicago to go to school, but still performs in the area. She says she will always be writing and recording.
Having released a 7" and a 12" under the name Josh Metcalf, J.M.C. found himself going by the name of Just another M.C., a humbling play on his own initials. While most rappers step to the mic eager to brag and boast of their incredible skills, J.M.C. chooses to start right off claiming to be no better than anyone else, in fact he's "Just anotha M.C."
The Jumblies
Formed two years ago THE JUMBLIES are Mark Heng (guitar), Tracy Ross (vocals & guitar), Bart Graf (drums), Eric Magennis (bass guitar), and Jon Hall (electronic keyboard). THE JUMBLIES have already self-released two CD EPs, which have sparked quite an underground buzz in the Boston music scene. Their song "Sick Inside" has done very well on local radio stations and a video for this single is in the making. In addition, their song "Everyday" is featured on the Midway Cafe Compilation CD. The new as yet to be titled full length album was produced at Woolly Mammoth Sound with the help of David Westner and Sir David Minehan and at About Face Audio with Colin Owens.
the modifierS
Since their debut the modifierS have been at home playing in front of 80,000 fans in West Virginia at Lollapalooza 1995 or 10 fans on a rainy Sunday night at CBGB's in New York, but first attracting attention playing the legendary Rat in Boston. Described as punk rock you can hum along with and pop that shakes you by the lapels, the modifierS are Chris Perry (vocals/guitar), Mike DeGeorge (bass/guitar), and Jason DeGeorge(drums).
Say Hi to Lisa
1995 - John Damask & Robert Gaggin start writing in Boston with no other thoughts than playing Tom Waits' type tunes in coffee houses. Released first 7" to college radio in 1995 and the response was so good they continued to write, record, and release a new 7" every semester. After trying out numerous bass players (including a bassist from the Boston Pops!) they found Justin Day, a Worcester native. Justin was offered BIG ROCK and he's been jumping off of amps ever since. First CD "Dali Ravioli" released on Cactus Records in 1998, charted on college radio all around the country and even got a fair bit of international airplay. The record has been hailed as one of the strongest releases in Boston in 1998 (24-7 Local Music News) and left many reviewers searching for a quick term to describe the music.
Hailing from a location known only as, "The City of Sin," Spyndakit combines blasting new-wave metal-core music with the phattest hip-hop beats and lyrics. Together these two ingredients create a chaotic explosion that will never let your head stop bobbing. From free-styling rap lyrics at the drop of a dime, to the well rehearsed grind of songs such as, "Sonblind" and "40oz to the Face".

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